There is a reason we call our company

and that's because on the WEB, your DOMAIN NAME is the first thing people learn about you, it's the equivalent of the first date, the first job interview, it's the first impression. At, we strive to make sure that your customers first impression of you, is a good one.


A short tutorial
 in picking the right WEB-NAME


Web Names, can be short or long, but should be easy to remember, and not contain ambiguous characters or numbers.



At this point in time, if you are looking to be found on the web, we recommend you use a ".COM"  DOMAIN, it still is the defacto standard for commercial web-sites.



The general rule when selecting a domain name (URL) is "the shorter, the batter". That means that we can not always say what we want, the way we want, and will sometimes have to except an alternative.  This is true whether the name you want is not available, or perhaps the name you would prefer would just be too long. With that said, you should avoid confusing abbreviations, unless they are the defacto standard, for example "NYC" (3 characters) is a completely acceptable alternative for "NewYorkCity" (11 characters), as a matter of fact it is preferred.



I recently saw a name that was available "", no that is not the letter "O" between the H_T, that is a ZERO, and that is about how many hits, your site will receive, with a name like that, unless of course, your willing to spend a fortune to get the public to be aware of this little idiosyncrasy.



If you intend to advertise on the RADIO, which is a purely an auditory medium, be sure the name passes the RADIO TEST, that is, that it is, easy to spell, and remember. Don't use hyphens or numbers in lieu of the proper word, like "4" in lieu of "FOR", 2 in lieu of "TO or TWO" or where the use of a number, in lieu of its spelled form, is not the standard. Using "8" in stead of "EIGHT", would usually be a No, No. Some numbers are OK, where they are the default choice, for example 24Hours, 7Days, 60Minutes, Year2000.



If you are advertising primarily in the print media, on the internet, etc, where the visual sense is responsible for acquiring the Web-Site Name, some of the above rules can be bent. One of my pet peeves with the internet, naming convention, is that spaces are not allowed, making it difficult to ascertain, the true meaning of some Web-Site Names.  In the case of Visual Media "-" hyphens can often help, for example ""

Or "News-on-the-Web" is easier to decipher than "newsontheweb"



Professionals, such as Lawyers, Accountants and Doctors, often have a bad habit of picking site names that are made up, of their names, for example, "", the problem is that as prestigious as this might be, if I am looking for an ATTORNEY in NYC, to handle a Divorce matter, I certainly would not know to look for "".  Keep it for your business card if it turns you on, but if your looking for clients, on the WWW, you have to do a lot better than that, how about "", that says it all,



The following are a few characteristics of WEB NAMES, to keep in mind, when looking for a name for your site.

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is a subsidiaries of IFS, Inc., specialize in finding and selling of Web/Domain Names, that best represent your site, it's product and/or services. If you don't see a name that meets your needs, let us know.  For as little as $500, we will search for a NAME, that best describes your product and/or services.

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